Nature was born to be free yet this is not always the case when you are living in man’s world. No sooner than we are able to understand the concept of what is ‘mine’ we begin to build our boundaries to keep others out. Our lives are full of barriers that we can either choose to conform with or ignore, but the animal kingdom and all other life forms are unaware of them, they do not recognise human laws and often find themselves in dangerous situations through no fault of their own.


I often think what a wonderfully liberating experience it would be to have the power of flight and for the best part only those creatures who possess this ability can in some way flout the rules and restrictions put in place by man.


Boundaries is a sculpture that says just this, it comprises of a twisted copper wire wasp in the process of freely crossing a typical man made boundary, constructed out of welded steel spikes reinforced with copper and steel barbed wire.


Mild Steel, Copper, Crystal Resin

65cm H x 15cm L x 60cm D



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