Take heed we lament as we confront our reality

A race that is driven and bent on destruction.

Who are we that are restless, miss content in our harmony?

Are we not in truth the most fragile of beings?

Should we not cradle, care for and nurture our delicate lives?

Yet we readily confront and stand in resistance,

The ideals that are fought for will be endured by us all.

The suffering prolific, all life is encompassed,

Cease to breathe, cease to be, leave this world premature.


These lives that are lost, shall they be remembered?

They once had such beauty, embraced love, full of dreams.

Now flowers will grow around the earth where they've fallen,

Filling the summer with the bouquets of perfume.


But summer will pass, in its stead we'll find winter,

And so the generations, they will come and then go.

Those same fragrant flowers in their turn shall lie with us,

And so be replaced by bright petals anew.


These once God's creations, these lives that did fall,

Who are we now that stood so proud?

Who are we now that stood so tall?


Paolo Giordanella

August 2014



Catacomb - WWI

Artist's Concept


Death is a certainty for all that is living,

All existence shares this same fate,



We are born, formed

We grow, we feel

We copulate, we propagate

We kill and we die.

Dissolve and disappear,

We end.


To look upon death evoke the rhythm of life.



Mummified Cats

Display Case, Fabric

92cm L x 42cm D x 11cm H


Private Collection


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