A selection of words that are quintessential to Lampuki Arts with their definitions to aid insight (nb.in no particular order)

Arts and Crafts


Traditional hand crafted methods to produce ornamental and practical objects. Anti-industrial revival of authentic decorative, and functional craft. The Arts and Crafts movement began in Britain around 1860.



n. Artistic ability. Great skill.

Craftsman / Craftswoman


n. A skilled worker. A skilled artist.



adj. Relating to the appreciation of art and beauty.

n. A principle or set of principles relating to the appreciation of art and beauty.



adj. Essential to the real nature of a thing.



n. Distinctive or unique character or personality. The qualities that distinguish one person or thing from another. A separate existence.



n. A person who makes gold jewellery and other articles.



n. A craftsman who makes or repairs items made of silver.



n. A person who  works iron with a furnace, anvil, and hammer.



n. The creation of works of beauty or other special significance. Works of art collectively. Human creativity as distinguished from nature. Skill. Any branch of the visual arts. To become proficient at something through practice.

Fine Art


n. Art produced chiefly to appeal to the sense of beauty. Any of the fields in which such art is produced, such as painting, sculpture and engraving.



n. To work out the structure or form of (something), by making a sketch or plans. To plan and make (something) artistically. To intend (something) for a specific purpose. A sketch, plan, or preliminary drawing. The arrangment or features of an artistic or decorative work. A finished artistic or decorative creation. The art of designing. An intention; purpose.



n. The art of making figures or designs. Works or a work made this way. To carve (a material) into figures or designs. To represent (a person or thing) in sculpture. To form or be formed in the manner of sculpture.

Portative Sculpture


A collection of sculpture works by artist Paolo Giordanella made with the intention of these artworks to be worn.



n. Something made by human beings, such as a tool or a work of art.



n. A room or building for displaying works of art.



n. A room or building where manufacturing or other manual work is carried on. A group of people engaged in intensive study or work in a creative or practical field.



n. (Old-fashioned) A living room for receiving visitors. A room or shop equipped as a place of business.



n. A proposal or plan. A detailed study of a particular subject. To make a prediction based on known data and observation. To cause (an image) to appear on a surface. To communicate (an impression). To jut out. To cause (one's voice) to be heard clearly at a distance. To transport in the imagination.

Egg Tempera


n. A painting medium for powdered pigments, consisting of egg yolk and water.

MYO - Make Your Own


A series of courses run by Lampuki Arts to encourage the transference of skills and techniques within the field of Arts and Crafts.