8 Legs, what is it about this number of legs that we find so hard to deal with. For a lot of people their particular way of coping with a spider is to flush it down the toilet or plug hole, suck it up into the vacuum cleaner or worst flatten it with a slipper. The irony is that a great many species of spider actually choose to live in man made shelters, houses and sheds, so we find ourselves face to face with them on a regular basis.


My aim was to produce a sculpture that was not only figurative but also life like, yet would not receive a typical response of fear but one of a delicate beauty intrinsic to all arachnids. This was achieved by fashioning sterling silver with an oxidised patina then inlaying it with 18ct yellow gold to emphasise man’s misconception of values. I then juxtaposed this by mounting the spider on an everyday galvanised watering can to represent co-habitation with man.



Oxidised Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold Inlay, Galvanised Steel

2cm H x 43cm L x 22cm D


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