There is a great deal of room for a lot more love and tolerance in this world and to love unconditionally is a gift that few of us will ever experience in our lifetime.


What could equality really mean? Most of the human population are only just realising the possibility of it existing amongst ourselves somewhere in the foreseeable future. It is with our immediate families that we can in many ways begin to experience equality and unconditional love.


This is why I invented the anthropomorphic Swine Family. Imagine that perhaps in a lost era, pigs and humans interbred. Pig, an animal whose name is much maligned by man and often used as an insult to express ones distaste for another person. For this family, the Pig has become an equal.


Of course this is a weird concept but just for one moment dare to consider it.


Digital Media

48cm H x 60cm L




Swine Family

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