He takes the form of a realised man, who has taken millions of years to reach this condition. Cut from bedrock Portland stone, carefully considered and thoughtfully carved over the duration of two years, Titanius sits and he contemplates.

He was born on the surface of the earth and time took him deep underground, and it is likely that millions of years from now he shall return to somewhere deep within the earth.


His gaze is focused on nature and the countless life forms large and minute, which occupy that space or journey through in the passing of time. The inevitable building up of organic matter, layer upon layer, season after season without which, his very own fragmental being could not have come into existence.


Titanius is himself Time and has manifested through the result of such and in this realised state he meditates on the fact that he is a part of everything in this world and coexists within a shared world.


Portland Stone

50cm H x 150cm L x 150cm D





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