Ugliness is redeemed by context and contributes to the harmony of the universe. (U.Eco)


Paolo Giordanella’s concept of Portative Sculpture has been developed with the idea of the wearing and displaying of fine art sculpture, thus bringing the works to be encountered within the public domain as opposed to selected galleries. Creating portable works of art provides an interactive element, enabling it to be appreciated within everyday life. This compounds his artistic emphasis of highlighting the overlooked and taken for granted elements of nature.


Designed to be worn as a fashion statement or simply to adorn an interior, ‘Ugly Beautiful’ American cockroaches undeniably provokes mixed emotions from viewers. Ugly, being the common perception of the creature, juxtaposes with the Beautiful detailed craftsmanship.


Each art piece is authenticated by having been stamped with the artists signature mark.


Solid Bronze, Approx 20gms

Approx 9.5cm L x 4cm D


Sales enquiries to [email protected]

Ugly Beautiful

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