Take a look at nature in relation to the city. In these surroundings we do our utmost to police and control what parts of nature we allow to share in our environment. In the world of flora humans have invented a word for the unwanted, a label that once attached to a species will see it clinging on for precious life and its survival, hidden away or out of reach. It is a credit to their persistence that they continue to thrive at all.


So when it came to forming the art piece Weed, I first took what I thought to be the pulse of a city, money and economic value, then contrasted this with life, in which I created an organic form to represent plant growth of no specific type. What this piece culminates in is an abstract weed formed in pure silver surviving within a house brick to represent man and the building of his exclusive environment to which the ultimately doomed weed desperately clings.



Pure Silver, House Brick

38cm H x 45cm L x 35cm D







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